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Griffe Cruises Tour Operator Monaco

Griffe Cruises Tour Operator Monaco

The cruise is the holiday that caitors for everyone, families, couples, honeymooners, friends.

What does the cruise ship offer to tourists

The cruise ships are equipped with all you need for an unforgettable holiday. spacious cabins and welcoming, always ready animators to entertain and engage with their games and their evening shows, auctions to buy works of art, shops selling a bit 'of everything, gym, sauna, spas, swimming pools, theater, bars , food at all time, exercise classes and cooking. But first things first, and try to describe in more detail the main services:


On each cruise ship you can find different categories and types of accommodation.

All cabins have private facilities, satellite TV, individually controlled air conditioning, safe and telephone international dialing. The selection ranges from interior cabins, most small and basic to the he exterior, more spacious, with sea views and modern in style. External with private balcony, is even more magnificent of precedents for this special extra and finally the suites, the most that can be asked, always with fresh fruit available in the room, butler and bath.

The free room service managed by a personal waiter is carried in major vessels as well as breakfast in the room that may be required in all cabins. (Sometimes surcharge).

The room service is guaranteed on all categories 24 hours and the cabins have a turn down service twice daily. In all cabins, the morning is given the“Daily”, a detailed program of the day to be held on board the ship including description and timetable of the shore excursions.

Spas and Shops

The giants that ply the seas have on board large spas where you can relax with treatments with oriental perfumes, sports massages, physiotherapy massages, saunas, Turkish baths, tanning beds. There are many restaurants on board offering different specialties. You may find processed foods to be enjoyed by waiters in upscale restaurants or buffets served with food available at all hours. On some ships, there are, in addition to the fitness centre is also a jogging trail outdoors, basketball courts, tennis, volleyball, 4D cinema, golf simulator, Formula 1 simulator, bowling etc.

For shopping couples, on board, you can find real boutique and shops. For couples convinced of the most relaxing activities, on board there are libraries with reading rooms. For the most popular nights are available at nightclubs, theatres, casinos and bars with live music.

Life on board the cruise ships

Life aboard a cruise ship begins at 7 am with an inviting and rich breakfast, freshly baked croissants, breads, pastries, milk, tea, coffee, eggs, bacon, sausages, cold cuts, cheeses and so on and so forth. The pastry chefs and cooks on board ships working all night to prepare delicious dishes from the earliest hours of the morning. Breakfast can be served in your cabin (sometimes with extra charge) or to the numerous and rich on-board buffet, all this at the discretion and choice of the customer.

Throughout the day, there are sweet and savory snacks to customers. Lunch can be eaten in the rich buffet or in restaurants with table service, there are menus for all tastes, from light to those vegetarian, grilled, with typical foods of the country you are visiting, to those created specifically for smaller and specific food allergies menus.

In the afternoon there is the daily appointment with the snacks, biscuits, tea and cakes are on hand to cheer every palate. Dinner usually is enjoyed at the restaurant with waiter service, menus are rich and varied, and the dishes are particularly sophisticated. The dress code at dinner is often elegant, especially for the gala evenings. Those unwilling to participate in these meetings of succulent dishes can eat at a buffet which is open until late evening. As for the entertainment, on board a ship you can find everything and more.

The music never fails, thanks to the many musicians and singers with their performances enliven the days to vacationers. On some ships, the most prestigious, can also be found of the richest collections of original works of art by great artists and are occasionally organized the auction to buy them. Shopping is another fun that you can experience on board: duty free, jewelers, perfumeries, clothing and souvenir shops are just some of the possible boutiques where you spend most of your time and your money.

For lovers of reading, often you can find also the libraries with an adjoining reading room, open 24 hours a day. A fun animation team entertains the guests from morning to night with shows, sports tournaments and group games. For the little ones there are specialized animators involving children in different activities: theme nights, treasure hunts, picnics and games. On board there are also baby sitters to take care of children during scheduled hours. (More service on request and subject to availability).

The evening entertainment are different and of different types: the theater, the disco, the dance competitions, casino, cinema and several bars offering all kinds of drinks. For lovers of sport and wellbeing of many ships they are practiced the free lessons such as muscle, aerobics, gag, water aerobics, yoga and pilates. There are also swimming pools, whirlpools, basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis and volleyball.

For those who want to relax on a cruise, pampered, beauty farms are located on board ships will certainly not leave them unsatisfied, saunas, Turkish baths, massages, tanning salons, beauticians, hairdressers are located at all hours of the day until late evening.

For any kind of information or to solve any doubt, on board offices are also for trips, reception and many more. For smokers on ships are created of the spaces where you can smoke without having to go outside or to go up on deck, usually in the cabins and the Casino 'you can smoke. On board there is often a photographer during the holiday photo shoot which then can be purchased. Another surprising aspect of the cruise ships for excursions. The excursions can be booked on board the ship, generally each destination there are five hikes, the prices are quite high but the services offered are of high standard.

Prices range usually from a minimum of 50 euro for half a day to 100 € for the whole day.

Shore Excursions

For those who would rather visit a city alone, without local guides or organized tours, excursions in the office you can find all the information necessary to discover the city with the method of DIY, renting, such as a taxi or relying on agencies specialized tourist that are located at each landing pier, the only thing of which we must always take into account in order not to run into unpleasant situations is the time. If the ship starts at such a hour from the port, it is good to inquire departure time before going down.

Crew on cruise ships

Aboard a cruise ship they work hundreds and hundreds of people. All these jobs are basically divided into four groups: entertainment, service hospitality workers, Personal care and mechanical/engeneering. The staff on board a ship is made up of people who have already gained experience in the field of tourism, entertainment, health, childcare, education, beauty, fitness, medicine, relationships with the public and accounting. Each crew member must know the English language and is always welcome at least the knowledge of a western language. The staff must be experienced, good with customers, outgoing and reliable.


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